Which sex toys are there for men to masturbate with?

Sex is crazy. And solo sex is awesome.

And just as you can change positions during sex and certain areas are more sensitive than others, there is no one technique for masturbating that works perfectly for everyone.

How do you start masturbating??

Warm things up. If you want to have sex with another person, you are not always immediately horny when you undress. This requires some warming up beforehand. In the case of solo sex, it is therefore wise not to immediately start masturbating, but to think about a hot sex session, reading an exciting book or putting on a porn video. Or maybe there's a crush online who could be attracted to a sexting session.

With your hands

The fact is that men come easily by jerking off. You can do that with your hands. By putting a hand around your penis and then doing an up and down motion, you pretend that you are having sex with someone. Instead of jerking off, you can also rotate your penis between both your hands. Place your hands on either side of your penis and rotate it back and forth (about 5 cm) between your flat hands.


In prison parlance, a "fifi" refers to an artificial vagina that is usually made by rolling a garbage bag or condom in a towel and using some kind of lubricant, such as hand lotion. These are also called "fi-fi towels" or "fi-fi bags".

If you like to have the "work" done for you, you can use a masturbator. They come in different types, designs, sizes, colors... whatever you fantasize about, it is often already on the market.

Masturbating with a device

Artificial vagina

An artificial vagina is available in different versions. Dosable artificial vaginas can simulate different sexual acts and can already be provided with lubricant. fake pussy, fake pussy, artificial pussy

Vibrating artificial vaginas

These artificial vaginas superficially resemble the previous ones, but have the added feature of a vibrating element: usually a removable vibrating ball that can easily be inserted into a hole in the bottom or end of the sleeve. For more intense sensations, there are several functions: vibration, pulsation, waves, rotation, multi-speed, etc.

Vibrating balls are usually controlled by a panel connected by a wire. Some types of vibrating artificial vaginas have a designed effect, mimicking the role of a penis pump, where the user squeezes a balloon.


Strokers are generally more discreet than other masturbators. The inside of a stroker has a textured channel that stimulates the penis, while the outside is often ribbed to ensure a good grip during use. Some automatic strokers are powered by electric motors to simulate the sensations of sexual movements.


You probably know them, those inflatable dolls that are often used at a bachelor party or as a funny gift. However, there are also sex dolls that can give you a great experience with solo sex. Whether you want a complete woman or man, or just a pussy or ass, the choice is huge and there is a doll for everyone that meets the requirements.



A sex machine is a machine for penetration or other sexual acts. So if you as a man would like to be anally stimulated during solo sex, then a sex machine might be something for you. Sex machines come in different forms. For example, there are machines with a drive mechanism on which a dildo is mounted to simulate not only penetration but also sexual intercourse. The sybian is a machine in the form of a saddle on which one can sit and on which dildos of different shapes and sizes can be attached. The way the dildo moves and the intensity of the vibrations are


A penis pump, also known as a penile vacuum pump, is a medical device used to temporarily create an erection in men who have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, also known as erectile dysfunction. The device usually consists of a cylinder placed over the penis, a pump mechanism to remove air from the cylinder, and an elastic ring or sealing mechanism to maintain blood flow in the penis after erection is achieved. READ MORE >>>


In 2016, Buck Angel teamed up with a sex toy company to release the Buck-Off FTM Stroker. It is designed "for [the] t-cock/enlarged clitoris" of a transgender man receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It was the first such product and won both an XBIZ Award and an AVN Award. Later, a smaller version was released for people who do not use HRT, called the Kiss-X.


The artificial vagina, stroker, sex doll or sex machines are designed from materials that imitate the feeling of natural skin. The materials used in the production of artificial vaginas are stretchy and elastic, so they can accommodate different penis sizes.

  • Cyberskin, Ultrarealistisch of Futurotisch (mengsel van PVC en siliconen) en enkele andere gepatenteerde materialen – natuurlijk aanvoelende materialen die behoorlijk poreus zijn en daarom speciale zorg vereisen voor en na gebruik.
  • Planten (fruit en groenten) – holle komkommers, bananenschillen, papaja's en andere producten zijn overal verkrijgbaar, goedkoop en hebben een vleesachtige textuur.
  • Rubber (elastisch koolwaterstofpolymeer) – een flexibel en veerkrachtig materiaal met hoge duurzaamheid. Het poreuze rubber maakt het moeilijk schoon te maken.
  • Zacht plastic (polyvinylchloride) – populair materiaal voor seksspeeltjes dat geleiachtig aanvoelt, hoewel het een weekmakergeur heeft.
  • Latex (natuurlijk rubber afkomstig van planten) – flexibel materiaal dat bij sommige personen allergische reacties kan veroorzaken.
  • TPE (Thermoplastische elastomeren) – Meest voorkomend en kan worden gebruikt om poppen goedkoper te maken dan siliconen.

The above materials are all porous and therefore require special care and cleaning to prevent bacterial build-up. Manufacturers recommend protecting them by using a condom during use. This is less of a problem with artificial vaginas made of silicone, which, while generally more expensive, are non-porous and can be disinfected with bleach or heat after cleaning.

Medical use

Masturbators are sometimes used for medical research. Kobori et al. at Dokkyo Medical University used a Japanese onacup for research into ejaculation disorders.