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INTT's Orgasm Now is a stimulating gel designed for the vulva and clitoris that is presented in an original container with a vibrating applicator to further intensify the experience.

The gel dispenser is a vibrator that can be used as a vibrating bullet at the same time that the stimulant is applied. The gel provides a warm sensation, a tickling effect and increases sensitivity in the area. It can be applied in gel to the clitoris and inner lips of the vulva.

It comes in a practical, light and very comfortable tube-shaped container that facilitates the application of the product in the intimate area. It contains 15 ml in a discreet and very elegant container.

Main features:

  • Clitoral/vulva stimulating gel.
  • Container with vibrating applicator.
  • more intense experience.
  • Gel with heat and tickling effect.
  • Leave the most sensitive area.
  • Very practical and light container.
  • Comfortable tube-shaped container.
  • Presented in a container with an elegant and discreet design.
  • Contains 15 ml.

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