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  • 24 Chocolate Cards (12 dark chocolate cards and 12 milk chocolate cards)
  • 24 Spicy Cards (12 mild cards and 12 hot spicy cards)
  • 1 Bandage


  • There are a total of 48 cards divided into 24 Chocolate cards (12 dark chocolate cards and 12 milk chocolate cards) and 24 Spicy cards (12 mild cards and 12 hot spicy cards)

The game is divided into 4 levels:

  • 1st level milk chocolate
  • 2nd level dark chocolate
  • 3rd level mild spicy
  • 4th level hot spicy

The tests on the cards increase in intensity each time a level is passed, and you must pass the first level to move on to the second and so on until you reach the fourth level.

Separate the cards by levels and then shuffle each level. The cards must be face down, separated into 4 piles according to the level they correspond to.

The oldest player begins to play by taking a 1st level card, he will perform the test indicated. Then it is the turn of the other player, who must take another 1st level card and complete the test, so on until successfully completing all the actions of level 1 to be able to move on to the next.

Once all levels have been passed, players will be able to make love. The first one to reach orgasm loses the game.

  • (220 x 150mm)
  • Language: Spanish and English

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