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 2 high quality black dice of 30 mm x 30 mm for sado action and object that go in a trapper silk bag. These dice will tell you the sado action you should do and where bed, chair.

Roll the dice, there are 36 possible combinations. I hope you do them all! Give your imagination a free rein. to play.

Dice of sado! What do we do today? Enjoy the chance of the dice, a great solution for sexual indecisions. They will surprise you with their simplicity, you can take it anywhere and everywhere, and they will give you a lot of joy, roll the dice and give free rein to your imagination to play.


  • Sensuality and Fun: Adult dice are created with the purpose of adding a touch of sensuality and fun to the life of a couple, which can be beneficial to strengthen the relationship and explore intimacy in a healthy and positive way.
  • Privacy and Fun as a Couple: These dice are used to encourage communication and connection between couples. They promote the exploration of mutual fantasies and desires in a playful and respectful way. Privacy and consent are essential aspects when using these data, since the activities they suggest must be consensual.
  • Material and Durability: Dice for adult games are usually made of skin-safe materials, such as plastic, acrylic or wood. They are designed to be safe and comfortable to use.


With DIABLO PICANTE you will fill your bachelor parties with happiness. We are specialists in sexy gifts for birthdays, bachelor parties and any type of celebration that requires a spicy touch. We have been in the sexual products market for more than 15 years to offer a very particular range of products. It is It is visible in practically 100% of adult stores, and is essential when throwing a sexual-themed party.


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