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New strap-on dildo without straps, made of super soft silicone, flexible, waterproof and with three sizes available. It will be the best ally of many of you!

The Strapless Double Penetration Dildo is a dildo without a harness and without the usual straps. Instead, it features an insertable curved head designed for vaginal penetration, making this toy ideal for female-only or male-and-female couples.

The shape of the short end stimulates the womans G-spot during use. The dildo is Made of silicone, a comfortable, soft and waterproof material. The realistic size is especially good for beginners. And the diameter is not very intimidating either, you can choose the size according to your preferences.

Queens can be used with water-based lubricant. If youre still wondering what the advantage of Queens is… Very easy, it is a double stimulation didlo that will give you pleasure. pleasure to the active part and the passive part at the same time. Furthermore, there will be no things that make practice difficult, for example, a harness in the middle. Are you ready for a session of simultaneous pleasure?


Before you start playing with Queens, clean it with a toy cleaner or neutral soap and warm water. Once disinfected, apply lubricant to both ends of the Queens dildo.

With the lubricant applied, one member of the couple with a vulva should Insert the head, fixing it touching the G-spot. Once inside, with the other end, the penetration of the other member of the couple begins in a soft and delicate way.

In addition, by not using a harness or straps, if there are two girls who are using Queens, when penetrating with the dildo, the two clitorises will come into contact contact while gentle hip movements are made, creating an explosion of sensations



  • Easy to use.
  • Super soft silicone material.
  • Flexible.
  • Ideal for couples, whether made up of women or men and women.
  • G Spot and vaginal stimulation.
  • Dimensions: Length 16 cm // Diameter 4.1 cm



  • Queens
  •  Satin bag
  •  Guarantee Card

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