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Unscented pheromone spray, especially for women. Contains the pheromone called EstratetraenolEstratetraenol: Just as the Androstenol pheromone has been shown to elevate the mood of women, the Estratetraenol pheromone has been shown to elevate the mood of men. Men tend to see the wearer of this pheromone more favorably, and the desire to communicate increases.

  • It can be a very effective tool when used in the dating world and other social situations, and has also been known to help promote the pillow-talk coital message. It can also create an aura of vitality and playability, which is also attractive. Our pheromone colonies last approximately 8-12 hours. Our bottle is small in size, so you can easily take it with you for later resumption of application. It comes with a stylish pocket-sized spray applicator.

Eye of Love Fragrance Free perfume holds a little secret: a scientifically formulated blend of pheromones specifically designed to arouse and attract men. Now it is possible for any woman to harness the primal seductive power that comes from pheromones in a long-lasting and odorless formula.

Simply apply two to three drops to the neck and wrists and rub well into the skin. The sumptuous elixir will mix with your own body chemistry to create an undetectable scent that will drive men crazy. Pair it with your favorite scent or use it on bare skin to capture your pure essence. However you wear it, get ready to make a lasting impression wherever you go.


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