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U-breast is an electronic device based on muscle electrostimulation to increase breasts naturally and without surgery. Boosts the progressive growth of the breasts by toning and firming them to obtain a perfect breast. Its massages with electrostimulation keep the ligaments of the chest strong and healthy, making it improve its appearance.

U-breast is indicated for:

  • Increase the breast progressively
  • Improve blood circulation of the breasts
  • Keep chest ligaments strong

The U-breast device includes:

  • Electrostimulation device
  • Two vibrating units
  • 250ml gift conductive gel
  • Batteries

How does it work:

U-breast is responsible for stimulating breast circulation thanks to its two electromagnetic units that reactivate cell renewal and the production of hormones through massage to achieve breast enlargement and better firmness. The intensity of the electrostimulation penetrates the skin improving blood circulation through 5 different modes and 16 intensity levels with which you will increase your chest without leaving home and in a totally natural way. The entire stimulation process is accompanied by U-breast Gel, which helps the waves penetrate more effectively into the skin during the transmission of waves.

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