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TEASEME or "tease me", is one of the naughty games from the "XXX-ME" series of "Tease & Please", for maximum pleasure and unlimited fantasy between the couple in love.

With this game you can discover sexual variants that, perhaps, you have never thought about before. Be dominant or submissive; what will it be? You will pamper yourself by playing and fantasizing to the fullest with the characteristic toys that are included in the game box, such as a blindfold, erotic bondage ropes and delicate (adjustable) nipple clamps.

This game also contains 6 extensive workbooks with tasks in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian.

What is going to happen during this amazing power and submission game is unpredictable, you never know.

Do you like being the one holding the ropes or do you prefer to be tied up?

Have you ever experienced how many places you can get a (painful) pleasurable sensation if you put on (nipple) clamps?

How do you experience a gentle touch or something painful from your partner if you yourself can't see anything because you're wearing a blindfold?

Let yourself be surprised by the tasks in which you will sometimes act as dominant and other times as submissive Guaranteed that your senses will be on the verge of exploding, above all, thanks to the indispensable erotic objects such as the blindfold, rope for ties and adjustable nipple clamps.

Tease & Please wishes you to achieve maximum pleasure with the game.

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