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Adjustable harness for women and men, made of premium latex.

Its inner hollow allows the male member to be introduced, without the need to maintain an erection.
It can also be used with the erect penis, which, in addition to increasing the length and thickness of your penis, you can give your partner much more pleasure.
It has the shape of a vigorous penis that, well lubricated, will break through without problems, thanks to its slippery material, helping you reach that point you have always sought.

  • Designed specifically for women who want to penetrate men or women interchangeably.
  • Ideal for lesbian, bisexual and men who suffer from insufficient erections.

Measures: 17 cm x 5 cm. - Interior: 12 cm x 3.5 cm.Sevencreations was born in 2002 to satisfy millions of people in the world, the brand established as a solid company manufactures almost 1 million toys a day with a price adapted to everyone's audience the purchasing powers and people who start in the world of sex toys.

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