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Oh mom! A whole range of toys to enjoy anal sex in an easy, economical and pleasurable way at your fingertips!

When we talk about anal sex, we are referring to any type of sexual activity that involves the anal area and it is not a sexual activity that is linked to a gender or sexual orientation, anyone can do it.

At Ohmama we think that it is important to eliminate the stigma of sexual practices, especially anal sex, as long as they are carried out in a healthy way (respecting both physical and psychological integrity) whether in a man or a woman, although it is true that This type of stimulation is very pleasurable for men and women do not share the male anatomy as they do not have a prostate to stimulate. Let us not forget that the anus is a very important erogenous zone in a woman's body, and it can provide very pleasant sensations. pleasant

At Ohmama we know this and we want to help you, but remember that to enjoy anal sex, relaxation and sexual arousal are essential.


  • anal plug
  • Material: Metal  
  • Color: Iridescent
  • Presentation in sealed hygienic bag
  • Measures:
    • Total length: 7cm
    • Insertable length: 6cm
    • Diameter: 2.6cm
  • Ohmama recommends its use with Black Hole lubricants


The OHMAMA range of products is perfect for gifting. A product available to everyone with perfect quality. A unique combination in this special line of toys for adults

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