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Clearly the best Penis!

  • X Ray Clear is a true pleasure experience with a specially developed formula that optimizes the silky smooth feel with the firmness of a fully transparent realistic dildo.
  • X Ray is made with the latest quality 2020 version Jelly material, completely odorless, soft to the touch and very easy to clean.

Luminous clarity and realistic shape will fulfill all your fantasies!
With its flexible axis, specified veins, and defined head, X Ray Clear will engage your senses visually and physically.
The powerful ventilation base attaches to almost any flat surface and makes each dildo harness sea compatible.

  • See product images to know the actual size
  • Total length; 21 cm x 4 cm in diameter.
  • Completely submersible.
  • Hypoallergenic jelly material tested
  • Phalatos free.
  • Easy maintenance.


Xray Jelly Material is non-porous, non-porous and therefore highly hygienic. The soft and flexible texture ensures that the Jelly material is nice and easy to slip on. Quickly absorbs and stores heat from your body. For the use of lubricants, we recommend a Waterfeel water-based lubricant. This is smooth with the material and ensures that it maintains the texture for a long time. After use clean it with the waterfeel toy cleaner or neutral pH soap and warm water for a perfect cleaning.


  • Harness compatible with all X RAY dildos
  • Includes 3 silicone rings that will make the fit perfect by making you both one
  • Bodysafe material.
  • Nylon straps for a perfect fit.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Metallic details, luxury design.


Firm and realistic feel according to the XRAY brand, a top quality product at an affordable price that can be a perfect combination of price and pleasure.

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