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The ROMANTIC perfume for men is ideal for those more intimate dates or to go out with friends and socialize when night has fallen. This perfume can be used daily and is specially formulated to be used at night when going out to a party or when you have a meeting.

With this ROMANTIC perfume you will undoubtedly attract many more women than normal. When you meet with more people, you will be the center of attention and you will catch all eyes. This perfume will help you to be more romantic than usual. Apply the perfume to the wrists, behind the ears and near the clavicle.

If you want to increase the natural function of pheromones, apply a little below the navel. EOL men's line pheromone perfumes are made with today's man in mind. With a sober and elegant design packaging, the fragrances are also suitable for any man and it is possible to choose one depending on the time of day in which you want to use it.

Preparing for a first date with the woman of your dreams? Are you preparing for a fun night with your partner? Take romance to the next level with Romance Pheromone Cologne.
Designed for men looking to attract women, this sensual blend of earthy scents and lemongrass will accentuate your personality and grab your partner's attention all night long.

Consider oakmoss, lemongrass, and clove mixed with geranium, sandalwood, and mint, all layered on a subtle base of vanilla, jasmine, and cedar. Combined with the pheromones infused into the scent, sensuality will flow naturally. You'll exude the confidence you've always had, with a drive to help your date or partner recognize and remember the things that brought you together.

This cologne is an exciting new olfactory mix, suggesting the elegance of romance with the easy nonchalance of youth, conveyed by sage in its aromatic heart.

The scent communicates with sensuality: a rare elegance directly connected to romance. Sensual and attractive, it creates an emotional response at the first touch.


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