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Cloneboy harness dildo | Fun for everyone

After the success of the first series, the Cloneboy team developed a completely new Cloneboy series. The simplicity of the kit allows you to create your own Clone in a few easy steps with perfect results every time. Unlike other clone kits, Cloneboy always provides a second chance to make a second mold if the first one fails, a loop penis ring that ensures you maintain an erection during the molding process, it is much easier to use with 3 minutes longer mold setting time and has an additional stimulation sleeve that can be used with creating your own penis. The kit is suitable for penises of all sizes. Even fold them.

The Cloneboy Harness contains all the necessary elements to make a personal dildo with your penis. The Cloneboy Harness has three exciting applications to enrich your sexual experiences. These applications are; a handle (with a threaded end) mounted on your dildo, a suction cup to place your dildo on any possible object and a comfortable harness strap in which your dildo is placed to enrich your sexual experiences.

The Cloneboy contains no plaster that can irritate the skin and uses a medically tested molding material made from natural algae.

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