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Sanitary Mask for single use.

Prevent infectious agents from passing by air to your body with this triple layer mask.

Triple Layer Mask 50 uts is a mask that has 3 layers and elastic bands for greater protection. The mask has been manufactured with a high protection and low resistance material to make breathing easier.

It has a perfect fit: with an adaptable aluminum nose piece covered in polyethylene to avoid possible chafing. Its rubbers are comfortable and soft to minimize friction. In addition, they offer a high resistance to breakage since it has the 4 heat sealed edges.

They are for single use.
For individual protection, it is advisable to cover with a mask who has indications of having a respiratory infection and wants to avoid airborne spread of the virus and contagion to others.

Standards: EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009

Who is it for?

It is indicated for healthcare, to minimize infectious contacts in hospital, dental, food and all other sensitive environments.

How does it apply?

  • Wash your hands before using.
  • Take the mask by the heat sealed edges, never in the center.
  • Place on the face and adjust the elastic bands behind the ears.
  • Make sure it covers the bottom of the chin from the nose.
  • Adjust the d + e aluminum nose clip for a total fit.
  • Package content: 50 units

Composition: Non-woven polyester, polypropylene.

Recommended period of use: 8 hours

Essential Features: One Size Fits 1 Single Use.

Individually packed in heat-sealed bags of 50 units, NOT box,  to guarantee protection.

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