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Its powerful spheres, covered in angular internal details, collide and stimulate! The FLIP ORB STRONG seeks to offer even more explosive sensations, with hard spheres wrapped in a cavity of firm material. Enjoy a new type of sensation that soft materials cannot offer on their own.

Blast your way between countless multi-layered bumps and solid aligned spheres for full, pronounced stimulation!

● Flexible spheres
The FLIP ORB contains an elastomer cavity with hard spheres wrapped in a soft material, to create layered stimulation with entirely new sensations. The FLIP ORB STRONG uses harder dials to provide even more intense enjoyment.

● Hourglass shape
The hourglass shape, exclusive to FLIP ORB and a first of its kind, earned excellent ratings from 98% of testers. Thanks to it, the FLIP ORB is easy to hold and provides superb pressure at mid-height!

  • Product size 71 × 86 × 178 mm / (W) × (L.) × (H)
  • Packed size 75 × 105 × 208 mm / (W) × (L.) × (H)
  • Product weight approx. 498 g
  • Additional information: Reusable
  • Lubricant included

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