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The Apollo silk skin male body lotion, with natural sexual attractant extracted from the truffle, highlights your attractiveness, increases your confidence and makes you a more exciting, seductive and desired person in the eyes of others.

Did you know the many uses that our silk skin has?

  • -To hydrate the skin and leave it soft
  • -For massage, it is ideal for a melee massage
  • -Hair serum
  • -To put it under makeup
  • -To enhance tattoos
  • -To put it on chafing, especially those that occur in the crotch

After spreading a thin layer on the skin, the lotion leaves it with a silky appearance to the touch, turning a massage into a unique experience full of sensuality and sophistication.

In addition, its manly and woody aroma stimulates sexual desire and appetite in a natural way, suggesting unforgettable experiences and very special moments. An irresistible attraction for anyone.

  • Container with "Airless" system
  • Easy application
  • Capacity: 50 ml
  • Cosmetic product for external use only
  • Aroma: woody notes
  • Not tested on animals
  • For men
  • Made in Spain

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