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U-Tonic is a massage device that works through low frequency electrical impulses under a micro-computerized system. It helps not only to calm muscle aches, but to tone the body as if it were exercises for abdominals, pectorals or buttocks. It manages to firm the skin in a comfortable, modern, effective way and without leaving home.

U-Tonic is indicated for:

  • Firm sagging skin
  • Tone the muscles
  • Relax contractures

The U-Tonic toner includes:

  • Electrostimulation device
  • 4 vibrating units (2 of them spare)
  • Instruction manual in multiple languages.

How does it work:

U-Tonic is an electrostimulation device created according to the latest technological standards with an advanced micro-computerized system, equipped with an LCD screen and 4 vibrating units linked by 2 cables to tone and firm the muscles, obtaining unmatched results. It has 5 massage modes and 16 intensity levels with which you will achieve an attractive and healthy appearance just by using it 15 minutes a day. You can forget about your abdominal or pectoral exercises and get strength and firmness naturally without leaving home.

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